Lea Lea

A fire spirit always follows Lea around. Rumors has it, it witnessed Lea's meteor magic and fell in love with her on the spot.

  • Saint
  • Silver
  • Balance
Basic Skills Magic: Heat Explosion

Causes a heat explosion to deal 150% damage to enemies within a certain range. Deals 100% additional damage to enemies inflicted with Burn

Special Skill Summon: Flame Breath

Uses powerful flame magic to deal 450% damage to 1 enemy. 100% chance to trigger Burn

Sub-Skill Of the Fire

Immune to Burn

Sub-Skill Coiling Fire Path

Enhances basic skill (deals 50% damage to enemy inflicted with Burn)

Sub-Skill Flame Mage

Enhances special skill (100% chance to trigger Burn on other nearby enemies if enemy dies from this attack)