Elfie Elfie

A depiction of Elfie can even be found in ancient tomes
dating back centuries. It is a mystery how she has remained
in the a form of a child for so long. Rumor says that children
have often gone missing in the forest where she lives.

  • chaos
  • Legendary
  • Balance
Basic Skills Venomous Experiment

Deals 100% damage to frontline enemies. 30% chance to trigger Poison

Special Skill Toxic Explosion

Deals 200% damage to 1 enemy and all enemies inflicted with Poison. Deals additional 150% damage when enemy's HP is 30% or lower

Sub-Skill Protective Arts

Grants Poison immunity to caster and ally tanks at the beginning of combat

Sub-Skill Healing Arts

Recovers HP equal to the damage inflicted by Poison per turn

Sub-Skill Witch’s Secret

Deals 200% damage to all allies when caster dies