Lexion Lexion

This Ancient Dragon uses the Genesis Power to wield destructive lightning. He is also known as the Ruler of Thunder and Lightning, thanks to his immeasurable power.

  • Pendragon
  • Legendary
  • Balance
Basic Skills Arges' Sword

Throws a holy sword to deal 150% damage to 1 enemy column. Deals 15% additional damage per round. 20% chance to trigger Shock

Special Skill Arges' Fury

Uses thunder and lightning magic to deal 100% damage to all enemies. +10% damage per round. 30% chance to trigger Shock

Sub-Skill Electric Surge Recharge

Attack power and HP +10%

Sub-Skill Ruler of Lightning

Accuracy +20, Critical +10 per round

Sub-Skill Cumulative Force

Attack power +50% per enemy death by attack