Cain Cain

When Cain was young, he was the greatest spear fighter in Saint. But then he left Saint to establish Chaos, the land of darkness.

  • Chaos
  • magic
  • Balance
Basic Skills Flame Explosion

Shoots explosive flames to deal 150% damage to 1 enemy column. Deals 100% additional damage to balance type enemies. Deals 100% additional damage when caster's HP is 50% or lower

Special Skill Flame Chain Explosion

Causes a chain explosion to deal 225% damage to enemies within a certain range. Attack power +100% for 1 cycle if an enemy dies from this attack

Sub-Skill Ultimate Spearmanship

Critical +40 if caster's HP is 50% or lower

Sub-Skill Ultimate Endurance

Damage received -20% if caster's HP is 30% or lower

Sub-Skill Dragon Slayer

Increases attack power based on remaining HP (if 10% HP remains, +90% attack power)