Bloody Mary Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary dreams of painting the skies blood red.
To achieve her dream, she has become the 2nd Elder of the Death Lords.

  • Chaos
  • gold
  • Balance
Basic Skills Summon Beam

Shoots a piercing laser to deal 150% damage to 1 enemy column. Recovers HP equal to 20% of the total damage

Special Skill Summon Large Beam

Shoots a piercing laser to deal 100% damage to all enemies. Cannot be defended or evaded. Removes all enemies' entire damage reduction effects

Sub-Skill Banquet of Blood’s Dawning

Attack power +100% if caster's HP is below 50%

Sub-Skill Femme Fetale's Fury

30% chance to trigger a random abnormal status when attacking

Sub-Skill Bloodthirst

Recovers 100% HP when enemy is killed by caster's attack