Suzuno Suzuno

It is said that Suzuno’s eyes can see through one’s soul.
She dances the dance of the ancient gods silently before
those to be purified. The corrupted souls struck by the beauty
of the dance will burn, leaving nothing but ash and cinder.

  • Pendragon
  • gold
  • Balance
Basic Skills Shaman’s Fury

Deals 150% damage to 2 random enemies. Targets enemies with high DPS first. Recovers 50% of HP when the enemy dies from the attack.

Special Skill Master of Fury

Deals 450% damage to 1 enemy. Recovers 20% HP of all allies if the enemy dies from the caster's attack.

Sub-Skill Dragon’s Shaman

Immune to Curse

Sub-Skill Suzuno the Purifier

Enhances basic skill (recovers 10% HP of nearby allies if the enemy dies from the caster's attack)

Sub-Skill Shaman’s Mission

Recovers 100% HP of 1 random ally and defense +100 for 1 cycle when caster dies