Asura Asura

Asura does not take orders from anyone. The only thing known about him is that he works to destroy the world so that a new one can be created.

  • Chaos
  • Silver
  • Balance
Basic Skills Ebony Dagger Barrage

Throws a black dagger to deal 150% damage to 2 random enemies. Prioritizes enemies by lowest HP. 30% chance to trigger Curse

Special Skill Return to the Void

Throws a black dagger to deal 225% damage to 1 enemy with the lowest HP in each column. 50% chance to trigger Curse

Sub-Skill Executioner

Critical +20

Sub-Skill Destruction and Creation

Survives death with 1 HP and deals a counter (limited 1 time per battle)

Sub-Skill Punish Summoner

100% chance to trigger Curse upon critical hit