Valentine Valentine

Valentine is the only Ancient Dragon who betrayed
Pendragon and turned to Chaos’ side.

  • Chaos
  • Silver
  • DPS
Basic Skills Abyssal Judgment

Deals 150% AoE damage to enemies one space back. 30% chance to trigger Curse

Special Skill Black Dragon’s Sword

Deals 225% damage within a certain range. Attacks 1 additional time if 2-3 enemies are attacked. Attacks 3 additional times if 1 enemy is attacked

Sub-Skill Nightmare

Instantly triggers Corruption for all enemies inflicted with Curse when caster dies.

Sub-Skill Breaking Balance

Critical +10 (permanent, stacks) per successful Curse'

Sub-Skill Ruler of Terror

100% chance to trigger Curse when attacking if caster's HP is 30% or lower