Isabelle Isabelle

Isabelle loved her dolls so dearly that she practiced dark magic
in hopes of bringing them to life. She ended up turning herself
into a doll, so she can be with her beloveds for all eternity.

  • chaos
  • Legendary
  • DPS
Basic Skills Warlock’s Dagger

Deals 150% damage to 1 enemy column. Reduces the enemy's max HP equal to 25% of damage dealt. Stacks Blood of Death

Special Skill Frenzy

Deals 450% damage to 1 enemy. Adds damage equivalent to the stacked Blood of Death and recovers caster's HP

Sub-Skill Collapse

Deals 50% additional damage to tank enemies

Sub-Skill Phobia

Enhances basic skill (performs 1 additional attack if the enemy has a protective shield)

Sub-Skill Critical Hit Stacks

Additional 100% damage per attack on the same enemy