Selena Selena

She uses a destructive technique; one that is not bound by traditional forms. But this is only possible thanks to her monstrous strength that turns even large double spears into nothing more than toothpicks.

  • Saint
  • legendary
  • DPS
Basic Skills Heart Piercer

Deals 300% damage to 1 enemy. 20% chance to throw another spear and deal 150% damage to 1 enemy column

Special Skill Wound Slash

Deals 450% damage to 1 enemy. Critical +20 to caster and nearby allies (permanently, stacks) upon critical hit

Sub-Skill Knight's Pride

Critical +20

Sub-Skill 4th Knight Captain

Additional damage based on the number of dead allies (25% per ally)

Sub-Skill True Spearmanship

Enhances special skill (30% chance to throw another spear to deal 225% damage to 1 enemy column)