Mei Mei

The spear that Mei holds is the treasure of the Pendragon.
It is very rare for a dragon’s spear to obey a mere human,
but anyone who sees her is quickly convinced by her skills.

  • Saint
  • Magic
  • DPS
Basic Skills Flame Spear

Deals 150% damage to 1 enemy column. Triggers an additional attack if the enemy dies from this attack. Additional attack triggered only once

Special Skill Tenacious Combo Attack

Deals 225% damage to 1 enemy column. Deals additional 50% damage whenever the attack pierces an enemy. Attack power +100% for 1 cycle if an enemy dies from this attack

Sub-Skill Ambush

Cannot be defended against or countered when attacking

Sub-Skill Weakness Exploit

Deals 100% additional damage to support enemies when attacking

Sub-Skill Spear Mastery

Enhances special skill (doubles damage upon piercing)