Pirata Pirata

Pirata is not a leader who gives commands from a safe distance. She fights in the frontline, displaying her masterful shooting skills. Eventually she became the Queen of Pirates.

  • Chaos
  • Gold
  • DPS
Basic Skills Machine Gun Hail

Shoots a machine gun to deal 300% damage to 1 enemy. Deals 100% additional damage to DPS enemies

Special Skill Large Support Missile

Shoots a large bomb to deal 100% damage to all enemies. Deals 100% additional damage to DPS enemies. 100% chance to trigger Burn for DPS enemies

Sub-Skill Bellicose Pirate

Attack power +20%

Sub-Skill Pirate's Logic

100% additional damage upon counter

Sub-Skill Enhance Missile: Suppression Power

Enhances special skill (cannot be countered)