Griff Griff

Griff is an ancient warrior, who earned his reputation
thousands of years ago.Fearful of his tremendous might,
the Dragons sealed him. Now, the unbound warrior
seeks his own retribution.

  • chaos
  • Magic
  • Tank
Basic Skills Beastly Roar

All enemies' attack power -10% for 1 cycle. Deals 300% damage to 1 enemy

Special Skill Champion's Provocation

Taunts for 1 cycle. 25% chance of inflicting Freeze on an enemy who attacks the caster during Taunt. Deals 450% damage to 1 enemy

Sub-Skill Ancient Champion

HP +20%

Sub-Skill Mammoth Figure

Damage received -20% to caster and allies in the same column when column is attacked

Sub-Skill Force of the Wild

If an allies dies during Taunt, the ally will be revived with 50% of their current HP