Gabriel Gabriel

As a member of the secret order, Gabriel discreetly terminates
those who violate the will of God. From the shadows, the order
silently defends the Kingdom of Saint.

  • Saint
  • Magic
  • Tank
Basic Skills Cross Slash

Deals 200% damage to nearby enemies in a cross-shape range. Has a 20% chance to trigger Freeze

Special Skill Royal Knight Captain’s Swordsmanship

Recovers 30% HP and deals 100% damage to all enemies. 20% chance to trigger Freeze

Sub-Skill Destiny

HP +20%

Sub-Skill Light in the Dark

Recovers HP equal to the amount of damage dealt to an enemy inflicted with Freeze.

Sub-Skill Fighting Spirit

Attack power +100% for 1 cycle. Additionally increases based on remaining HP (if the remaining HP is 10%, then additional attack power +90%)