Matini Matini

Matini’s necromancy strikes fear into the heart of all the living. Defeating the Chaos Army is pointless, as they are immediately resurrected. Those who bear witness to this sight know only
one word: despair.

  • Chaos
  • Gold
  • Tank
Basic Skills Vengeful Spirit Summon

Deals 225% damage to target and two enemies on either side. 30% chance to trigger Poison. Reduces damage taken for 1 cycle based on the number of attacked enemies (10% per enemy)

Special Skill Deadly Necromancy

Deals 450% damage to 1 enemy. 100% chance to trigger Poison.

Sub-Skill Life Force Absorption

Recovers HP equal to the damage inflicted by Poison per turn

Sub-Skill Necromantic Barrier

Caster receives a protective shield upon successful Poison.

Sub-Skill Bloody Oath

Enhances basic skill (expands damage reduction buff range to allies in the same column)