Deckard Deckard

He may seem like a grouchy eccentric, but he is very attentive. He never forgets a single birthday of the Welkin Pirate crew.

  • Chaos
  • Silver
  • Tank
Basic Skills Taunting Strike

Deals 300% damage to 1 enemy. Taunts enemies that attack caster for 1 cycle

Special Skill Reduced to Ashes

Recovers HP based on number of remaining allies (3% per ally), deals 450% damage to 1 enemy. Deals additional damage based on number of dead allies (50% per ally)

Sub-Skill Heavily Armed

HP +20%

Sub-Skill Showtime

Critical +50 if there are 3 or less allies left (including caster)

Sub-Skill Waver Composure

Damage from enemies that caster taunted -30%