Lucia Lucia

Lucia is famously known as the Ruler of the Swamp. Should you ever find yourself stuck in a swamp, recite the following: "Lucia, please release me!"

  • Pendragon
  • Legendary
  • Support
Basic Skills Weakening Poison

+25.1% damage to one frontline enemy for 1 cycle. 30% chance to trigger Poison. Deals 200% damage to 1 enemy

Special Skill Venom Wedge Arrow

Shoots a magic arrow to deal 300% damage to 1 enemy. 100% chance to trigger Poison. Deals 50% additional damage for 1 cycle

Sub-Skill Ruler of the Swamp

DPS ally’s attack power +20% when battle starts

Sub-Skill Corrosive Poison

Doubles additional damage to tank enemies

Sub-Skill Nerve Boost

Recovers 10% HP of caster and nearby allies per successful Poison