Zid Zid

Zid often experiences blackouts. When he comes to, he usually finds that the people around him are trembling in fear.

  • Chaos
  • Magic
  • Support
Basic Skills Trigger Madness

attack power +47.3% for 1 1 cycle. Additional +10% per attack received when buff is active. Deals 200% damage to 1 enemy

Special Skill Meteor Hail

Uses dark magic to deal 150% damage to 1 enemy row. 100% chance to trigger Curse and Reduced 20.1 defense

Sub-Skill Rampant Madness

DPS ally’s Critical +15 when battle starts

Sub-Skill Alchemy of Darkness

25% chance to trigger Curse on enemies that attack caster

Sub-Skill Endless Darkness

100% chance to trigger Curse to nearby enemies if the enemy killed by the caster's attack was inflicted with Curse