Sirius Sirius

Sirius is always looking for something. His constant desire for more has led him to discover mana that bends even time itself.

  • Saint
  • Gold
  • Support
Basic Skills Clock Hand Shard

Removes all abnormal status effects from caster and nearby allies, and defense +1 for 1 cycle. Deals 200% damage to 1 enemy

Special Skill Time Travel

After 3 turns, all allies’ HP recovers to the amount when the skill was triggered. All allies' defense +19.2 for 1 cycle. Deals 300% damage to 1 enemy

Sub-Skill Accompanied Trip

Accuracy +20 to nearby allies when battle starts

Sub-Skill Damage Prediction

Defense +30

Sub-Skill Sharp Clock Hand

Enhances special skill (Attack power +50% for all allies for 1 cycle)