Iris Iris

Iris is an astrologist who can foretell the future
through the revelations of the stars, but she cannot see
her own. For that reason, this joyful girl tries her best to
savor every moment.

  • Saint
  • Gold
  • Support
Basic Skills Sky Palace’s Light

Caster and Frontline allies recover 7.1% HP and damage received -10% for 1 cycle. Deals 200% damage to 1 enemy

Special Skill Galaxy's Blessings

Recovers the HP of the caster and frontline allies by 13.7% and removes all abnormal statuses. Deals 300% damage to 300% damage 1 enemy

Sub-Skill Sponsor

Tank ally’s HP +50% when battle starts

Sub-Skill Devotion

All allies recover 20% HP upon caster's death

Sub-Skill Meteoric Revelation

HP recovery rate x1.5 for allies with less than 30% HP